torsdag 29 mars 2018

2018 Leaf 40kW FASTCharge problem WARNING! #rapidgate

This is my car, 2018 Nissan Leaf 2 Zero:

And by seeing what issues people are Twiting regarding FAST Charge #rapidgate this is my take on the problem. I tried to simulate a trip of more than 250km in windy and freezing cold Sweden with -5 to -12*C. I drove 3 stage tripp with 3 FAST Charge sessions, this is what happened: 

The first stage was with a half-discharged battery, then ballistic motorway speed of 110km what is max you can drive in Sweden, I drove a total of 63km came to the charger with 27% battery, charged up to 80% after massive problem  with Clever charging station refusing to start, than good people at CLEVER Customer Center solved by remotely starting the charger, thanks a lot! Battery temp went above 28*C in average one particular sensor is very high and others low. Energy consumption was brutally high during first drive stage. First FAST Charge got an average 37.2kW rate:

Second stage, I drive 85km with a max. speed of 100km/h, come to the charger with 22% on display but 33.3% according to LeafSpy, it's very cold -11 * C, charging takes 34min to 76% and averages 35kW, on arrival, battery is 32*C and at charge's end 39*C, though this is average temp the real temp sensor is showing 45*C and 2 other much lower. This is freaking me and I could not believe it!

Third stage, I plan to go Karlskoga to Örebro 46km and just test FAST Charge level, it's 01:15 in the morning and I would go home ASAP. Now I've taken highest precaution due to temperature issues and I am lowering my drive speed to 80-90km/h just to slow down rise of temperatures in the battery and not to melt down it. I do not want to stress battery and I am seeing trend of slight temperature drop, probably as outside temp is freaking -12*C. In Örebro Leaf have consumed 76% down to 42% battery SoC according to the car display but 49% according to LeafSpy. This phenomenon Is also present that in the lower State of Discharge car display is showing much less than the battery is! The FAST Charging is 28kW in average, charger is showing that charge time 48 to 80% would take approx. 1hour:

My battery temperature is now average 42*C one sensor is showing 48*C… outside temperature is now -5*C… I stoped Fast Charge... I do not want to do the same when outside air temperatures reaches 35*C, this battery is going to melt down or to shut down in order to prevent failure! I cannot believe what I am seeing!

I drive home and take Screenshots of LeafSpy:

WARNING to all of you planing to buy Leaf 40 and take it to longer journeys, BE AWARE that it is not as smooth as Nissan promises!

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